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Why do you need a golf caddy? Your not a pro.

Why do you need a golf caddy? Your not a pro?

When it comes to golf, as in many other sports we spend a lot of time watching and learning from the professionals. So what does every pro golfer have that the weekend golfer does not? Well most of them have more money and nicer cars but they also have caddies. Most of them say that their caddy works very hard and that having a solid caddy improves their game.

Why do you need a golf caddy? Your not a pro?In contrast a lot of everyday golfers say they’ve never used a caddie because they believe it’s a waste of money to hire someone to tote their bag around for them. Which brings me to this question; other than carry clubs and rake the sand traps what does a caddy actually do?

Caddies are not always experienced golfers themselves but many of them are and they also undergo rigorous training. A good caddy knows the courses they work   and can provide valuable information throughout the round. Caddies are trained to recommend the appropriate club for any situation by taking into account the speed, distance, weather conditions and expertise of the player. It’s no surprise that the caddy is often more objective than the golfer.

If you are in a twosome or larger group you should consider hiring more than one caddy unless you understand that as the only caddie they will have their hands full handling each player’s equipment and most likely, they won’t be available to offer much in the way of insightful coaching for everyone. Managing the bags, setting up shots, cleaning balls and clubs and checking scores are the basic duties of a caddy.

In addition to selecting clubs and tending to the balls, a good steady caddy can influence your mood and your mental game by calming your jitters and diffusing the tension that can build up. Fanny Sunesson a retired yet very successful female caddie says that she always tried to focus on assisting her clients with their mental state and approach to the game in addition to choosing their clubs.

A caddy will assist the golfer in a variety of other ways. One of the most important is keeping track of the ball. Like a GPS for your ball, the caddy will always maintain an eye on their client’s ball and confidently know where it landed every time. Another important way a caddy assists the golfer is by knowing how to read the greens correctly. When you know how the greens are running your putts will sink a lot more often and that will make you smile.

Compared to their male coworkers there are not as many women choosing careers as caddies, yet female caddies say that there really isn’t a lot of gender discrimination either. It may take a lot of work to train and get into shape for it but a career in caddying can be exciting and fulfilling for both men and women.

A golf caddy can end up being one of the most important decisions you make to having that great round of golf, or just a good one. Now go golf!

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