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Need a Golf Swing Analyzer? Check out the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer

Need a Golf Swing Analyzer? Check out the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer

Here at Golf Pro Gazette, we occasionally come across golf accessories that really do the job well. Well, this is one of them. Even the best golfers need someone to watch their swing to analyze it for them. This is one of those important tools that does it for you.

If you have never tried a golf swing analyzer and are looking for one, then you do need to not bother with all the rest that are on the market and just check out the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer. This is by far your best option. Don’t mess with the rest, you’ll just be wasting you time and money. First let’s take a look at a short video that shows the operation of this great golf swing aide. The video doesn’t show the screen of the phone, but we will show you that after the video. Video is only 3 minutes.

Need a Golf Swing Analyzer? Check out the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer


 Now you have the general idea of how this analyzer works. There are many features of this great tool that the author of this review, Matt Saternus, will walk you through and then give a brief pros and cons about it as well:

Physical Device: As far as the on-shaft devices, Swing Smart is the best.  It attaches under the shaft, so it’s barely noticeable at address, it’s tiny and lightweight, and it doesn’t twist.  The only real negative about it applies to all of the on-club devices: you need to move the device (or at least the sensor) when you change clubs.

App: The Swing Smart app hasn’t really changed since last year.  The layout is very simple and shows all you need to know on one screen.  The 3D image is still good.  Customizing your clubs and changing clubs during a session are both very easy.  It’s still the fastest app in terms of how quickly it puts numbers on the screen.  My one complaint is that the device times out very fast: I had to put the phone down and swing quickly or else the screen would shut off.  There may be a way to adjust this, but I didn’t find it.

SwingSmart Duo Golf AnalyzerData: One of the things I like best about Swingsmart is that it doesn’t overwhelm the user with numbers.  Instead, it provides four easy to understand, actionable data points that are consistent and good.  Face to Path was consistently within 2-3 degrees of FlightScope and swing speed was consistently 2-3 MPH below what FlightScope reported.  The one thing that keeps the Data grade from being an “A” is the lack of a “Club Path” number.

Instruction: The app includes videos of Peter Kostis explaining the different numbers and offering some tips on how to change them.  While it’s a little light, the presentation is good and the information is pretty solid.  Most importantly, it’s integrated into the app for easy access.

What’s Unique: Training Mode – use the device without hitting a ball

What’s Great: The most accurate 3D image.  The best on-club sensor.

What’s Not: The look of the app.  Lack of club path number. ( Original article here)

To find out more about the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer click here or on the image below. Your lower golf score will thank you. By the way, everyone in your foursome will want to borrow it from you so be careful!


If you would like to view the full-length SwingSmart infomercial featuring Peter Kostis (top PGA golf instructor and CBS analyst) it is about 28 minutes long.


To find out more about the SwingSmart Duo Golf Analyzer click here


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