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Golf Swing Tips on How to Break 80 Golf Instruction Program

how to break 80 golf training

Here at Golf Pro Gazette, we are constantly looking at products and golf training aids that are worth your time and ours. Jack Moorehouse has a great way of showing you how to fix that problem. I liked the easy diagrams and drills that helped me in lowering 9 strokes off my score. I highly suggest you give it a try. Very inexpensive as well.

How to Break 80 Golf Training

The How to Break 80 Golf Training goes over the follow critical steps:

  1. Professional Pre-Shot Routine
  2. The 10 Essential Components of Breaking 80
  3. Sand Play Success
  4. How to Develop a Rock-Solid Short Game
  5. Mastering the Chip Shot
  6. Secrets to Reading Greens Properly
  7. The Putting Secrets of the Pros
  8. and much, much more!

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I’d have to say with the new twist on the fundamentals that are shown here, it allowed me to start off to address the ball in a whole different manner which gave me the opportunity to finally drive the ball where I wanted it to go. With that being said, I was able to incorporate that into the rest of my game for that 7 stroke lower score. My draws and fades are not like Tiger Woods, but now I can attack the pin and add distance when needed. The practice techniques and the sand play ( I’m always on the beach) really made a  huge difference as well. Love the techniques I learned about the sand play the best. I am now always able to continue to the green rather than sit in the sand for a while longer.

Learning the essential components of the game and then applying them was a game changer for me. I really liked to play golf before this program, but now I love it. My drives are longer than everyone in my group, my chips are far more accurate, and my putts are on target. Yours can be the same too.

The How to Break 80 golf instruction program does just what it says.  It offers fantastic pictures and descriptions of how to get that golf score LOWER. Your golf score will never be the same.

Click the link here to get How to Break 80 Now!


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