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CS2 Golf Putting Training Aid with Ian Poulter

Cs2 Golf Training aid Ian Poulter

CS2 Golf Putting Training AidCs2 Golf Training aid Ian Poulter

The CS2 training aid has taken the PGA by storm and for good reason. Because  one of the top players such as Ian Poulter is endorsing this product, many other top PGA players in the world have followed suit and also use the CS2 to lock in their strokes week in and week out. But you don’t need to be a PGA player to take advantage of the 5 key fundamentals that the CS2 will give all skill levels of the game from beginners to touring professionals. Those fundamentals are aim, body alignment/setup, stroke path, square face at impact, and speed.

 CS2 golf Putting Training Aid with Ian Poulter


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  1.  Aiming CorrectlyCs2 Golf Training aid

    “Begin by ensuring that your putter face is square to the T line on the base plate. This develops a good habit of lining the putter head up square to the target line” – Ian Poulter


  2. Good Body Alignment

    “Always line your feet and shoulders up parallel to the target line on the runway and the line on the base plate. Doing this every time you practice will allow you to develop a good feel for what proper alignment is” – Ian Poulter

  3. Consistent Stroke PathCs2 Golf Training aid path

    “Creating a consistent stroke path and repeateable putting stroke is the holy grail of all great putters. The flexible rail settings on the base plate will allow you to find your own perfect putting stroke” – Ian Poulter

  4. Square Face at Impact

    ” Being able to return the putter face back to square at impact is critical to making more putts. Once you are regularly hitting the ball through the end gates, and therefore along your intended line of putt, you will be well on your way to becoming a better putter.” – Ian Poulter

  5. Speed ControlCs2 Golf Training aid speed

    “You can have a perfect stroke at impact, and hit the ball along your intended line, but if your pace is wrong you will not make the putt. The CS2 Putting Cup is a great tool for learning to match up line with speed” – Ian Poulter

Final Thoughts and Value:

The CS2 golf training aid will allow you to MASTER those 5 key fundamentals quickly and easily wherever you practice whether on the practice green, the office or at home. It will set you back about $97, but it is a small investment compared to the intimidation factor that will set in among your foursome because of the gains that you have made in your putting skills on the greens. Give it a try before you purchase a new putter, because the one you have probably works just fine.

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